Hi y’all I’m Kandase Eatmon AKA Mama, I was raised in Southwest New Mexico but I now call the beautiful Phoenix desert, HOME! I am a woman who wears many hats…Wife, mother, cook, cleaner, teacher, GPS for every lost item, and many many more!! I believe being a mom Is the reason I have become so skillful in an array of things! One of my many skills is being a dessert maker! In my house, I  have earned to wear the hat with the words “best dessert maker” on it!

I’m flattered really because sometimes I literally just throw a “just add water” brownie mix in the oven and call it a night! Lol my family still believes it’s the best dessert ever! Not sure if it’s because it really taste amazing or because they didn’t have to make it?! Nonetheless That whole “my mom makes the best.. fill in the blank” is the very  “feeling” that I  decided to build Nanr around! Bringing the kid out of you and the comfort of mamas “best tasting, you didn’t have to make” snacks back into your life and into your very own kitchen!